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Apr. 19th, 2018 02:32 am
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 How am I playing Agatha? Too crazy, not crazy enough. Stop with the evil laughter already? 

Everything and anything goes here.
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 General Information
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[Home: Well Agatha had been surprised to find something she hadn't seen in a while sitting inside her house. The Silverodeon from the circus. And while she had been hoping the letter in the mail had been her spark, she can't help but try and play a few songs on the thing. Being without her spark, she's not very good of course. But hey, there's not really much else to do.....

This leads into ....

A. YOU! Yes you, we'll call you "innocent bystander". It's a normal day in Mayfield, just on a random sidewalk in the town. .....And a large man people might recognize as a certain Baron is yelling at a woman in large glasses.  Don't worry, she's yelling back just as much. They also happen to be blocking the sidewalk. Try to get by?

Tags will be you-Klaus-Agatha]


MUCH MUCH LATER. Okay well then....]

Hello Mayfield? This is Agatha Heterodyne. If anyone's been trampled or had their posesesions destroyed by a large wagon on legs..... 

...sorry! That was an accident! I didn't realize it was even here when I started to play a song. But apparently it still works! Which is good. Though not good if you were in the way....sorry about that again!

On an unrelated note, does anyone know where I can buy some new tools? ....And a toaster. ....a few toasters? Those things don't last long here.
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 [Agatha woke up that morning to find a strange letter in her mail. Not really knowing what it was she just put it aside till later that day. Then after being bored and deciding that whatever it was, it was worth a look. Even if it did try and kill her. She opened the envelope to find a piece of paper with a strange figure on it.

She blinked and then when the piece of paper vanished, she grinned. Mayfield, have a THRILLED Agatha.]

I got it! I got my spark back! I can't believe they actually gave me something useful! 

Now is there a good store to buy tools around here? A junkyard? Anything for parts! I want to see how many things I can build in this place.

Maybe a death ray or too to stock up....

[Feel free to hang up as she rambles.]

[You can also find her

A. Is your car parked on the road? Well it's being ..."examined" by Agatha. She seems a little...focussed in her work though.

B. That was a rather large explosion. Well it didn't do much damage, but it does send Agatha running out of the house coughing on smoke.

C. What is she doing in the hardware store? Looking at all the tools she can lay her hands on. She ignores a drone who works there making a rude comment about women knowing their place. In fact she doesn't even seem to hear him. Just moves to the side and stares at more of the tools.]
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 [Hey Mayfield. Guess who still hasn't killed her target? Go ahead it's not  hard.  Agatha is being pestered with horrible fears like the rest of the town. 

Only....hers are about becoming a murderous sociopath like her mother.

Which makes her want to kill people even less. Great job Mayfield. Clearly this will end well. Anyway.

Phone. / Accidental as Agatha is currently trying to build things next to it and failing . One explosion knocked the phone over. ]

...No...This isn't real. I am not her..... 

I didn't do those things...
[There's a smash.]

...I'm not going to kill anyone.....

[Or Action

Agatha is outside her house, on the lawn. She isn't going any further then that.  Because then she might do something stupid, or lose control. She is not her mother.]
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 [Agatha had woken up to find a letter. It had a name she didn't know and a picture of someone she didn't know. For all she knew the name and the picture might not even match up,

And then she see's a picture of Gil.

And Zeetha, and Lilith and and Adam.

No. No. No. No. This has to be a trick. There's no way. Mayfield Agatha is angry again. You can find her 

A. Walking down the street fuming and muttering to herself.. Feel free to misunderstand her.]

How am I even supposed to kill someone without my spark! 

[B. Phone]
This is Agatha Heterodyne. 
I am not going to kill anyone. I don't care what this stupid town wants us to think. It's a trick, they're using us. 
If they wan't people gone so badly they can send us home.
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 [Action for 452 Stone Street: Agatha wakes up having no idea where she is.

That is sadly not as strange as it should be. There is now a frantic girl tearing the room apart looking for something, clearly she's somehow managed to keep her mother out, but who knows how long that's going to last. She needs to find her locket. In her search she manages to knock over a phone leading into]


Where is it, where is it? I can't have lost it....
Ugh! Where am I!
There is a young woman, now fully dressed, outside the house. She seems to be looking around and trying not to be destracted by the fact that her spark is missing. She may clutch her head a little bit as she looks around. Just going to try calling out.]
Gil?! Zeetha? Tarvek?


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